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Pfizer introduces anti-counterfeiting technology with verification system to protect patients

Pfizer introduces anti-counterfeiting technology with

verification system to protect patients

Pfizer (Thailand) Limited, one of the world’s premier innovative biopharmaceutical companies, has launched advanced technology serialization to verify Pfizer Thailand products in real-time via SMS and the Internet. This new technology will protect against fake drugs in the Thai market and will ensure health and safety for patients in Thailand.

“Our commitment to a healthier world is through science and innovation. We strive to provide access to safe, effective and affordable medicines and related healthcare services for the people of Thailand, and around the world,” said Mr. Christian Malherbe, Country Manager of Pfizer (Thailand) Limited, and added, “Pfizer is the pioneer company in Thailand in the market with a proven track record for patients’ health safety and drug efficacy. Today, Pfizer proudly presents our new technology featuring anti-counterfeit medication to protect patients.”

The ‘Patient’s Verification System’ utilizes serialization, which is a unique identity on every single unit, randomized and with advanced digital mass-encryption, never-to-be-repeated encrypted alphanumeric or decimal code, real-time verification data via SMS and the Internet. It keeps patient information secure with a high level of information security and complies with US and EU standard.

Dr. Nirutti Pradubyati, Medical Director, Pfizer (Thailand) Limited said: “In Thailand, it was found that many drugs are being counterfeited widely without reliable system to verify and we’re very concerned about this issue. Pfizer has therefore launched this innovative technological solution on drug verification to ensure patients’ confidence.”

Introduced recently by Pfizer in Hong Kong, China, and some countries in Asia with great successes against the counterfeit drugs in the region, the system is designed to enhance patients’ safety and minimize counterfeit medicines in the Thai market.

Pfizer provides a trustworthy source of information on men’s health as well as a checkpoint for verifying Pfizer Thailand medication via or SMS. Consumers can instantly send the code from the label attached to the package. The system will immediately activate, verify the code, and submit the notification in real-time to customers, showing whether the code from drugs they are purchasing are from Pfizer Thailand.

“Pfizer recommends customers determine their purchased medications via the provided system prior to taking them,” he added.

Jetrin Wattansin, a popular singer and actor, suggested: “Using counterfeiting drugs can result in treatment failure, drug resistance or even death. Meeting the doctor or buying medicines from trusted sources with a proven verification system is highly recommended.”