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Pfizer Thailand Foundation Alumni Networking: We Get We Give We Grow “Pay it Forward”


Pfizer (Thailand) Limited and Pfizer Thailand Foundation (PTF) organized a “PTF Alumni Networking: We Get We Give We Grow” from 7-9 August 2015 at the Novotel Hotel, Siam Square under the theme “Pay It Forward.” The objective was to create a networking opportunity for all PTF grantees, including those currently in the program and alumni members to meet and exchange experiences with one another during the event.  This was to instill a sense of unity and family through means of contributing to a better society, despite coming from different universities.


Joining the networking event were senior management from the Pfizer Thailand Foundation and Pfizer (Thailand) Limited. Ms. Siriwan Chuenchomsakun, trustee and secretary of Pfizer Thailand Foundation, Dr. Kittima Sriwatanakul, senior manager of Pfizer Thailand Foundation, and Dr. Nirutti Pradubyati, medical director of Pfizer (Thailand) Limited, who shared his view and knowledge on “Healthcare Workforce in the 21st Century” with the grantees. 


Throughout all 3 days, the PTF grantees had the opportunity to listen to inspirational speeches from two guest speakers.  – Firstly, Dr. Kamphee Suamsiri or Dr. Ker, the author of “Himalai Tong Chai Hu Fang” or “Himalaya requires a Stethoscope,” who volunteered in the Himalayan Health Exchange (HHE) program where he travelled far into the remote and needy Himalayan villages to aid with basic medical needs of the people in the areas. The second speaker was Mr. Zcongklod Bangyikhan, philosopher and magazine editor, who inspired the grantees to think outside the box and use their medical knowledge to benefit the society in a creative way. 

Moreover, the grantees also completed the “Widen Vision Fun Together” activities by taking underprivileged children from the Rajavithi Home for Girls to experience winter at -15 degrees Celsius at Harbin Ice Wonderland. The activities required participants to complete 4-activity bases where unity and creativity were essential to solve the puzzles/problems. Later in the day, they visited SEALIFE Bangkok Ocean World where the children were introduced to various aquatic animals. The day ended with smiles where the PTF grantees and children from Rajavithi Home for Girls exchanged their feelings, well wishes and gifts ending the brief yet meaningful program with an everlasting warm memory in the hearts of all.


Ms. Warintorn Phlanubhab,  medical student from the Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University, and one of the PTF’s grant recipient representatives stated that, “…Providing someone with a good opportunity is giving them a lifetime of experience and good memories, which also makes us so happy as a giver. When we receive something good that provides us with opportunity in life such as a grant from the foundation, we should pass on good things to society and to the younger generations to create a happy and peaceful society, not one of conflict and segregation…”
Ms. Rorhanee Jesamaae, medical student from, Princess of Naradhiwas University also expressed the feeling of giving as “…we feel so great when we help other people, when we see their smiles and their happiness. We then understand the phrase wanting to help other people.  Meeting friends from other institutes who are also scholarship grantees provides us with knowledge and a different viewpoint. I will take what I have learnt to apply at my home town in Pattani so as to create a change of attitude and I can pass on this knowledge in providing education to the children in the area too…”
Finally, whatever differences there may be among the scholarship grantees, one thing that they all learnt from the activities are that no matter what profession the PTF grantees may have, either as a healthcare worker, doctor or pharmacist, they can assume their role and pay it forward, giving knowledge, providing opinions and creating new ideas for the common good for others and society from now till forever..