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Pfizer launches ‘Fit in 60 Days by Pfizer’ campaign

Pfizer is moving forward in preparations for the company’s 60th anniversary by furthering its commitment to support healthy lifestyles uplift and improving quality of life for Thai people. Underlining the importance of healthy living, the company is launching the ‘Fit in 60 Days by Pfizer’ campaign, which aims to help boost well-being of Thais in 60 days – by giving knowledge along with exercise advices and adjustment of eating habits, to prevent non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

Pfizer (Thailand) Limited, one of the world’s premier biopharmaceutical companies, is committed to offer innovative, high quality, safe and effective medicines to prevent and treat diseases as well as to improve the health and wellness of Thais, announced the launch of the ‘Fit in 60 Days by Pfizer’ campaign reinforcing ‘Prevention is better than cure’ statement to pave the way for the company’s 60th anniversary celebration in 2018. By placing importance on overall well-being, being in good physical and mental health, and experiencing joy, this campaign focuses on creating balance in four dimensions including body, mind, society and intellectual or spiritual, from shifting behaviors towards ample exercise and healthy diet to help prevent and control NCDs such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and high blood pressure, which have become health threats and one of the leading causes of death in Thailand. A lack of knowledge about prevention makes certain groups of Thai people more prone to suffering such medical conditions.

From 1 July-30 August 2017, six finalists from the campaign would be shortlisted from online applicants taking part in an intensive selection program, which focuses on creating well-being through exercise and carefully chosen diets. The campaign finalists’ activities will be broadcast through Fit Junctions’ social media platforms including Facebook and YouTube, with education and knowledge sharing to help enable lifestyle and behavior change to and prevent NCDs from Mr.Fasai Puengudom, trainer and founder of Fit Junctions, together with Dr.Wanviput Sanphasitvong, an anti-aging medicine specialist. Upon completion of the 60-day program, the six finalists will be able to showcase positive changes towards improved well-being.

From left,
1. Ms. Kluaymai Nuchniyom, Director of Private Hospitals, Pfizer (Thailand) Limited
2. Dr. Nirutti Pradubyati, Director of Medical, Pfizer (Thailand) Limited
3. Kimberley Anne Tiamsiri
4. Mr.Selim Sezgin, Country Manager, Pfizer (Thailand) Limited.
5. Ms. Siriwan Chuenchomsakun, Director of Corporate Affairs, Pfizer (Thailand) Limited
6. Mr.Fasai Puengudom, Trainer and Founder of Fit Junctions
7. Dr.Wanviput Sanphasitvong, an anti-aging medicine specialist

Group photo of some management taken with our partner

Ms. Siriwan Chuenchomsakun, Director of Corporate Affairs, Pfizer (Thailand) Limited addressed the aims of the campaign.

Workshop of 60 candidates