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‘Pfizer’ hailed with honorary plaque

Feb 8, 14 – The Medical Association of Thailand awarded honorary plaque to Pfizer (Thailand) Limited to thank for its relentless support to the Association’s projects, which mainly advantage medical students and practitioners. On this occasion Dr. Wanchart Supachaturas, the President of the Association, chaired the ceremony and granted the plaque of gratitude to Ms. Kluaymai Nuchniyom, Corporate Affairs Director, representing Pfizer and the Pfizer Foundation.

Since 2004 Pfizer has supported the Association’s life orientation for medical students, including residents, before opening the door to medical profession. The project not only arms them with knowledge of rules, regulations and law with respect to medical practice, it also demonstrates ethical conduct and professional etiquette. In addition, Pfizer Thailand Foundation has supported the Association’s website ( since 2001, as a key channel to publicize news and information benefitting practitioners in Thailand; policies, laws and academic seminars, for instance.