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Pfizer Thailand Foundation launches 2nd Present and Alumni Meeting “We Got, We Give” premieres and it rocks

Pfizer Thailand Foundation launches 2nd Present and Alumni Meeting “We Got, We Give” premieres and it rocks

Nov 3 – This year’s Pfizer Thailand Foundation Present and Alumni Meeting took place at Arnoma Hotel, Bangkok during November 1-3, 2013. With the concept of “We Got, We Give” we assembled the Foundation’s scholars of different partner institutions from all over the country to create a strong network of the recipients and build an intimate connection between themselves and the Foundation. Here the scholars had the opportunity to get to know each other better, exchange their opinions, and harmonize. The principal activity was the social work, which played a vital part in cultivating the philanthropic culture for the young grantees; it set their streaks of gratitude on fire and readied them to give back to the society. The social work enlightened the scholars to appreciate the great opportunity they received and encouraged them to pass on such to those in need. 72 scholars, both undergraduates and alumni, of 9 leading universities participated the meeting. 

The meeting was warmly opened by the Foundation’s Trustee Mr. Christian Malherbe with his welcoming speech. “Today get-together leads us to share our experiences and knowledge, and medical, pharmaceutical and science students march to join the social service activities. I am full of hope that you all keep reminding yourselves of the importance of giving back to our society, and will hold responsible for our community just like the meeting’s concept “We Got, We Give,” said Mr. Malherbe.

In addition, Prof. Dr. Charas Suwanwela, the Foundation’s chairperson, did the grantees a rare honor of addressing keynote speech “10 years of the Keynote Foundation: Taking Stock of our Collective Experience. “The Pfizer Thailand Foundation has never demanded for debt of the recipients’ gratitude. We are like a parent who simply hopes to see our children grow decent. We teach our children to take sensibly and give responsibly by taking account of society,” said Prof. Dr. Charas.

Furthermore, there were many other activities that helped widen the young recipients’ visions, for instance, the speech “Thinking Like a Community Member: Community Participation for Health Professionals” by Dr. Phakdee Suebnukarn, Director of Dansai Crown Prince Hospital in Loei, and inspiring talk with Mr. Chaowalit Sadsamai, Assistant Social Development Officer of BMA, alias teacher of the street.

The 3-day activities mainly involved social work and the scholars joined the social work at 3 foster homes, namely Thanyaporn Home for Girls, Thanyaburi Home for Female Destitute and Mahamek Home for Boys. It was a pride for the Foundation to have Dr. Phichai Kanitcharaskul, Pfizer (Thailand) Limited’s Medical Director, as a speaker to prep the attendees for the health screening. The Foundation also invited its alumni to share their views towards the undergraduates about how to become a professional doctor and pharmacist. PTF threw a ceremonious Thai blessing and welcoming ritual to embrace our scholars as well. Before departure all enjoyed the mind map session exercising their brains and minds.
Ms. Kluaymai Nuchniyom, Trustee and Secretary, brought down the curtain on the gathering by her impressive words. “I am frequently asked if I want the future order from you all in return by awarding scholarships. I say there’s no such thing. The Foundation forwards this great opportunity to you and what I really want to witness is our scholars to do likewise to the society. We Pfizer rely on our thorough researches and groundbreaking products, and healthier people prove their high quality without saying a word. Thus any drug orders or prescriptions must be submitted from doctor’s sound judgment,” confirmed Ms. Kluaymai.

This get-together put a smile upon everyone’s face leaving the roar “encore” as a trace of delight.
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