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Pfizer Philosophy

Breakthroughs that change patients’ lives  

It began in 1849 when German-born Charles Pfizer set out to launch a pharmaceutical business in New York, USA. Pfizer combined his passion for innovation with science to develop medical products that cured illnesses.

Starting with just one medical breakthrough product – candied santonin – in that founding year, today Pfizer has grown to become a multinational company with ten R&D centers and over 100,000 employees in six continents across the world.

More than 165 years has passed since Pfizer was founded. Yet, Pfizer’s philosophy, passion and determination have never changed: through the centuries, we have remained in the pharmaceutical business that produces a life necessity. Our aim is to make the best medicines that the world needs to treat and prevent illnesses.

We have developed medicines and vaccines that save lives and change the history of humankind such as penicillin and anti-polio vaccine. Working with some of the best minds in medical science, we have continued to change the world through medicinal discovery and manufacturing advancement.

Pfizer has set global standards with strictest manufacturing standards and quality control. We traditionally forego cost-saving alternatives that can result in compromised quality because we know we are in the business of dealing with people’s lives that include our own families’ and friends’.

We love to share our knowledge with people so that they are better informed on health protection and illness prevention. Accordingly, we organize health and disease awareness programs to educate members of the general public and publish health tips on our website.

In Thailand, Pfizer has been with Thai people for over 60 years. As part of the Thai society, we have engaged in various charitable and educational programs. While Pfizer (Thailand) Ltd. offers products that save and prolong lives, Pfizer Thailand Foundation offers hope and opportunities to pursue one’s dream, to make a difference, and to be a giver to society. For example, we grant scholarships to medical students to give them the necessary tools to make their dreams come true and become givers to society in their chosen professions.

Every day, Pfizer staff work with healthcare providers, medical scientists, doctors, hospitals, governmental agencies, local communities and their colleagues from around the world to make good things happor a healthier world.