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Our Commitment

Pfizer's commitments for a healthier world: our commitments  

1. Because health is one of the most important investments society  can make, we will...

    Advance Wellness, Prevention, Treatments, and Cures

    And as demonstration of this commitment, we will..

Provide services that improve well-being and help people live healthier lives.
Offer an enhanced portfolio with more products that help prevent disease and promote better health.
2. Because answers to some of the most preventable health issues of our time are within reach, we will...

   Bring the Best Scientific Minds Together to Challenge the Most Feared Diseases of Our Time    

   And as demonstration of this commitment, we will...

Collaborate with others and share knowledge.
Focus unparalleled scientific and financial resources on continued discovery, development, and, delivery of medicines that people need.
Fight aggressively against Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.
3. Because we must constantly strive to be deserving of trust, we will...

    Set The Standard for Quality, Safety, and Value of Medicines

    And as demonstration of this commitment, we will..

Promise to deliver on the industry's most stringent quality and safety standards.
Develop new ways to provide cost-effective medicines and valuable treatments to more people throughout the world.
4. Because our unmatched resources give us the opportunity to do more good for more people, we will...

    Use Our Global Presence And Scale To Make A Difference in Local Communities and the World Around Us 
    And as demonstration of this commitment, we will..

Support, enhance and engage the local communities in which we operate.
Set a new industry standard of excellence for protecting and improving the world.
5. Because culture and the people we surround ourselves with matter, we will...

    Promote Curiosity, Inclusion, and a Passion for Our Work
    And as demonstration of this commitment, we will..

Encourage and reward a culture of idea sharing, critical thinking, and continuous improvement.
Make Pfizer a place that works for every person in every job.
6. Because no person should go without the medicines they need, we will...

    Be a Leading Voice for Improving Everyone's Ability to have Reliable and Affordable Health Care
    And as demonstration of this commitment, we will..

Work with others to broaden access to medicines and improve health care for underserved people around the world.
Provide free or discounted medicines to those without insurance or that have trouble affording them.
7. Because we must succeed as a business in order to continue our quest for breakthrough solutions to the toughest health challenges, we will...

    Maximize Our Financial Performance So We Can Deliver On Our Commitments to All Who Rely On Us
    And as demonstration of this commitment, we will..

Deliver responsibly on our financial commitments.
Improve R&D productivity to better serve patients.
Generate more value by being more customer-focused, entrepreneurial, and agile.
Be a world leader in biologics, vaccines, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, neurodegenerative diseases, and Animal Health, combined with market leadership in emerging markets.