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"Importance of Food for Cancer Patients"

"Importance of Food for Cancer Patients"

Pfizer Thailand Foundation and Thai Society of Clinical Oncology
Thai Society of Clinical Oncology held dialogue - “Importance of Food for Cancer Patients” in which Dr. Wiroj Sriularnpong, Assistant Professor of Oncology Unit, Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University and Dr. Sirakarn Techawanich, expert of nutrition internal medicine participate to share knowledge.
The dialogue was a part of “Proper Cancer and Healthcare Knowledge and Realization Dissemination” which had been originated by TSCO and Pfizer Thailand Foundation in order to deliver awareness of appropriate treatment and healthcare towards cancer patients and their family. Despite the fact that cancer claims a lot in the world, proper medical treatment innovation and healthcare on food and nutrition can lead patient to live a quality of life. Hereby, Dr. Wiroj Srilarnpong revealed each treatment caused side effect. Malnutrition slows down recovery as well as weakening efficiency of treatment.
“Many cancer patients do not take meat; poor treatment resistance and chance of infection become consequences and that leads to ineffective cure. On the other hand, those who take sufficient food and stay healthy meet productive treatment. Thus, 3 medical methods are keys while food is supplement. Support from family and friend is also necessary for patient to pass through the rough moment.”, concluded Dr. Wiroj.
Dr. Sirakarn Techawanich depicted treatment worked well with those with decent nutrition. Patients having beneficial food manage to confront side effects and handle with high-dose medication after surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Protein is needed for tissue repair and infection avoidance. Insufficiency may cause prolonged recovery.
“Patients must have all 5 food groups, that is to say, grain, protein food, dairy, fruits and vegetables along with enough water, consequently, tissue repair will arise after medication. Some says protein from meat is bad but I wouldn’t agree. Protein from meat contains essential amino acid. Likely, protein from vegetable has saturated fats. So patients ought to consume both kinds of proteins for sufficient nutrition. Besides, meal with family helps stimulate appetite.”, said Dr. Sirikarn
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Dr. Sudsawad Laohavinij, Chairwoman of TSCO, leads experts to share knowledge over food for cancer patients, including Dr. Wiroj Sriularnpong, Dr. Naiyarat Prasongsuk and Dr. Sirakarn Techawanich. All join with Ms. Siriwan Chuenchomsakun, B. Sc. Pharm from Pfizer (Thailand) Limited.

Dr. Wiroj Sriularnpong, Associate Professor and Vice Chairman of TSCO, delivers speech about proper cancer treatment and healthcare.

Dr. Sirakarn Techawanich, nutrition internal medicine expert shares knowledge about food for cancer patients while Chakrit Yaemnam creates his delicious macaroni dish with complete nutrition.

 Experts guide patients to comply good nutrition.

Dr. Wiroj Sriularnpong, Vice Chairman, Dr. Naiyarat Prasongsuk and Dr. Sirakarn Techawanich join group photo with Ms. Anutra Sinchaipanich, Executive Director of Pfizer Thailand Foundation together with Siriwan Chuenchomsakun, B. Sc. Pharm. from Pfizer (Thailand) Limited, in the occasion of dialogue “Importance of Food for Cancer Patients”