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Contributes to Medical Education in Vietnam - Awarding 4,000 USD

Contributes to Medical Education in Vietnam - Awarding 4,000 USD

HCM Medical and Pharmaceutical University, in collaboration with the Pfizer Thailand Foundation, is hosting a scholarship award ceremony for 4 outstanding students with the total grants of 4,000 USD. The Pfizer Thailand Foundation began contributing scholarships to Vietnamese students in 2006. To date, 21 scholarships have been awarded with total amount up to 21,000 USD.
The purpose of this scholarship program is to demonstrate the Foundation’s commitment to support ongoing medical development in Vietnam. Scholarships are awarded continually to students of Medicine with the aim to increase a number of skilled healthcare professional in the country. The foundation’s only requirement is that students contribute back to community where s/he lives by way of community-based service for at least 16 hours per year. This helps instill the importance of contributing back to their local society among the scholarship students.

“Pfizer, contributing back to society is one of our core values. Many of our initiatives including the Scholarship, Global Health Fellow and medical trainings best represent our commitment to collaboration that improve healthcare and the quality of life in community where we live and work. As a Chief Representative, my priority is to utilize our resources to make a difference in local communities in Vietnam”
Mr. Pichet Promlikitchai
Chief Representative of Pfizer (Thailand) Limited

I would like take this opportunity to express my appreciation to the Pfizer Thailand Foundation for partnering with us in promoting education and healthcare of the local people. The scholarship’s objective aligned well with the University’s principle. And I look forward to working with you on our shared mission of building quality healthcare professionals in Vietnam.”
Mr. Tran Diep Tuan
Vice President of HCM University of Medicine and Pharmacy

"This scholarship brought me better opportunities for professional as well as personal development. I became inspired to do volunteer works when receiving the scholarship. In return to the Foundation’s generosity, I am going to do my best to help lots of people and patients in my own community."
"Mr. Nguyen Lam Vuong
Graduated Medical Student from HCM University of Medicine and Pharmacy