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Pfizer (Thailand) Foundation Camp: “Learn-Play-Live” 4th year Life Skills Camp for Satun Youths

Pfizer (Thailand) Foundation Camp: “Learn-Play-Live” 4th year Life Skills Camp for Satun Youths

Pfizer Thailand Foundation (PTF) joined hands with the World Vision Foundation Thailand (WVFT) for the fourth consecutive year to organize its ongoing “Life Skills” Campunder the theme “Learn-Play-Live,” as part of the Reading and Essential Life Skills Development Project during 9-11 October 2015 at Rai Preeda Homestay, Krabi province.  The key objectives of the youth development camp was to provide the southern children with proper guidance to enhance their learning capabilities and hone necessary skills which are essential to the 21st century in order to keep up with ever changing environment, in particular the rapid technological changes, while ensuring that the methods and skills taught at the camp are sustainable and can be incorporated into their daily lives. 

Ms. Siriwan Chuenchomsakun, trustee and secretary of the Pfizer Thailand Foundation, stated that PTF saw the need to aid southern children, in particular those in Satun province, during their visit down south in 2012 when PTF provided immediate disaster relief for Tsunami victims in Takuapa district, Phang Nga province. Since then, PTF has committed its support to the WVFT for the “Reading and Essential Life Skill Development” Project from 2012 to 2017.
“Data from the World Vision Foundation, Thailand, obtained through studies of the Satun population, found that youths age 6-12 lack age-appropriate reading skills such as the ability to summarize or analyze a book. In addition, they also lack other essential life skills such as critical thinking, communication, emotional management, relations management as well as social responsibility.   The Reading and Essential Life Skill Development Project seeks to fulfil these necessary skills for the children such as self-value awareness, critical thinking , decision-making skills to apply when building long-term relationships with others, as well as  Thai reading abilities so that they can read age-appropriate materials.”
Initially, the program started off with a total of 138 students. The targeted group included students from grades 1-4, with 57 students from Baan Tutara School and 81 students from Baan Piyai School.  PTF evaluates and follows the progress of the students who participate in these “Life Skills” camps. Further adaptation to the program were implemented depending on the students’ responsiveness to the program in previous years.

“Due to the continuity of the program and long-term evaluation, we found that the students have increased development and competency, for example, from observation of student behavior in the life skills camp, they get along with students from other classes and other schools better while adhering to rules and regulations. We found that there has been increase to 65% in in leisure reading from the students who have attended the program than from the previous statistics being only 47%.   Furthermore, the students have possessed other good reading qualities such as reading quietly; not playing together while reading, not tearing, folding, or writing in books, not competing for books or peeking into other’s books and holding a book correctly. These all indicate good reading developmental skills.  I have full confidence that the 4th Life Skills Camp will enhance and promote sustainable learning for the local youths,” Ms. Siriwan added.

The 4th Life Skills Camp has followed the same group of children who have started the program 4 years ago into grades 4 through 6.  The core content focuses on the development of 21st century learning skills to keep up with environmental changes and new technologies. Each of the learning bases thus aim to develop skills such as making quick conscious decisions, building up perseverance, using new technology, and promoting children to build relationships and strengthen unity in the group.
Apart from the various base activities, the Foundation has invited guest speakers to provide additional knowledge and insights to the children, such as Kru Cheewan Wisasa, the creator and story teller of many popular children’s picture books. The activity “Stories for Thinking” was to instill a love for reading and life knowledge through stories.  The other guest speaker was Khun Bird Nattapong Muhammad, a news anchor from Channel 7, who brought his experiences of working as news anchor in the studio and on-field reporting, and discussed techniques of communication in becoming a good and creative speaker in the “Play well, Please Listen” session.
The Pfizer Thailand Foundation fully believes that this Reading and Essential Life Skill Development Project will play a part in helping the target group acquire appropriate knowledge to be used in becoming responsible adults in the future for a better society.